Online Pilates

New September 2020 Online classes


Live on Zoom

 Monday 10.30am or
Tuesday 7pm

(7 week course £56)

Online channel (50+ classes)

7 week course £49

Online package 

1 Zoom class plus Online channel £70

During this challenging and unprecendented time it has been so encouraging  to see many of our clients continuing their Physio Led Pilates classes from the safety and comfort of their own home.  In addition to our mat classes we now have the option of live streamed classes online via Zoom and also our online channel of 50+ prerecorded classes . 


Our online Pilates channel includes short bonus sessions such as pilates using the foam roller, ring, spikey balls, Pilates with bands,10 minute pilates glutes blast, Pilates abs blast, Pilates stick class, 20minute Pilates stretches using the Pilates band and more....

 Our health and wellbeing is more important now than ever before and it is our priority to keep our community active and fit as well as connected during these uncertain times.  

What our clients have said about their Pilates instructor and their Pilates at home!

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