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Our March Client of the Month - Lyn & George Jackson

This month's Client of the Month is actually a couple - Lyn & George Jackson.

How did you feel before starting your journey with us?

Lyn: "The year before starting Pilates I had fairly major surgery and whilst I recovered well from that I felt very unfit. I attended Andrea for physio because of a shoulder problem. She successfully treated that and we got chatting about the benefits of reformer Pilates for all-round fitness.

I had to really coax George to come with me so the fact it was a 2 to 1 class helped persuade him to give it a try."

How have the classes helped you? Is the golf getting better?

George: "The classes have helped us enormously with flexibility and all-round fitness level. I feel it has improved my muscle strength. There is no doubt it has helped me to rotate when doing a golf swing!"

What has been your favourite aspect of your experience at our studio?

Lyn: "We really enjoy the weekly 2-to-1 reformer sessions with Andrea, the fact she is a physio gives us confidence that she is keeping a watchful eye on what we are doing and tailoring it to us individually regarding different weights or resistance.

We have a bit of competitive craic during the class so the 45 minutes flies in!

Would you recommend the reformer to others as a form of exercise?

George: "We cannot recommend Reformer highly enough. It really is a full-body workout. No two weeks are the same as there are so many different exercises that can be done on the reformer.

The equipment and exercises can be modified and adjusted to anybody regardless of their fitness level. I think as you get older you have to make an effort to try and keep as fit as possible, having Andrea instructing us gives us confidence that we are doing something that we will benefit from.

The 2 to 1 format is a great way to see if reformer Pilates is for you."

We have been going for 4 years now and have no intention of stopping!


We offer Pilates and Reformer Pilates in Lisburn, Hillsborough and Dromore - as well as online courses that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

To find out more, just get in contact with us or email

Or if you’re ready to get started you can book your Pilates class now!

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