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If you cycle, you need a proper BikeFit to feel comfortable on your bike, perform better and prevent injury.


Avoid cycling injury


Sports physio Andrea is passionate about cycling.  


Her full BikeFit includes biomechanical assessment. You leave knowing your optimum bike position, preventing common pains in your knee, hip and lower back. 


Andrea’s personalised exercise programme stretches and strengthens your body. 

How our clients felt after a bike fit...

'Just to let you know that the past couple of weeks on the bike after the bike fit have been great.  Noticeably more comfortable'


I went out today for a short cycle to test my back.  It was much better than before when I was in complete agony, as an added bonus the pins and needles in my hands weren't as bad either!  So it looks like your bike fit has made a huge difference, thank you for that! 

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Standard BikeFit 

 Suitable if we have already assessed you as a physio patient


  • Cleat positioning

  • Saddle position/height

  • Knee, hip & foot angle

  • Torso angle

  • Open shoulder 

  • Bar position




Standard BikeFit plus full biomechanical assessment looking at posture, stability, mobility, strength and flexibility.

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Could you move more easily as a cyclist? Get free exercises.

Your road to pain-free cycling starts with mobility. 

Get our FREE guide - 5 mobility exercises to improve performance and prevent injury for cyclists.

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