You can book a consultation either online or inperson now. 

We also send exercise plans with videos to your email/ phone to help you keep up with your treatment.

Chartered Physiotherapist Andrea Lucas runs our Hillsborough Clinic. 


Unlike most studio classes, you do Reformer sessions one-to-one or in small groups (max 3). Personalised programmes help you reach your goals faster, whether you’re a beginner or advanced.


You’re in good hands with physio led Pilates. It helps you move better and feel better.

Here’s why health professionals recommend it -

  • Physios understand HOW the body moves & works

  • Physios know how to deal with pain & injury

  • Physios modify Pilates exercises if you’re injured, so you can do them safely.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is for anyone with tight muscles who enjoys staying active or has a desk-bound job.


If you cycle, you need a proper BikeFit to feel comfortable on your bike, perform better and prevent injury.


Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is different to hill walking, trekking and trail running. You learn a specific technique using two poles, training more muscles than the legs alone.

Online Services

Online Physio

You can book an online physio consultation now. 


We assess you at this consultation on Zoom. Between us, we decide whether to go ahead with an in-person appointment.


We also send exercise plans with videos to your email/phone to help you keep up with your treatment.

Online Pilates

All our Pilates classes are online at the minute. 


That means you can enjoy them safely in your own home.

Choose between live-streamed timetabled classes or more than 100 pre-recorded classes  to do in your own time. You can take as many pre-recorded classes as you like, using any device.