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Postnatal check

Our postnatal checks in Hillsborough and Dromore are available from 6 weeks + and are recommended for all new mums to assess their readiness for return to exercise and assess for complications such as pelvic floor and abdominal wall weakness including rectus diastasis (split tummy muscles).













Whether you have had a vaginal or Caesarian birth, our postnatal physio checks help to optimise recovery.


What happens during a postnatal check?

The session can last up to an hour. We will check your posture, functional movements, lower back, pelvis and tummy muscles (checking for gapping).


We will assess your pelvic floor activation (internal examination may be recommended and carried out with your full consent). You are also able to bring a chaperone to your appointment if you would like to - just need to let us know in advance. 

 Your individual concerns and goals for the future will be addressed within the session.

Andrea Lucas is an experienced physio specialising in postnatal pelvic health and musculoskeletal conditions. She is also a mum of 4 (including twins) with personal experience in vaginal and c/section deliveries including those planned and unplanned as well as birth trauma and miscarriages. She is passionate about supporting mums in their postnatal recovery. She will ensure you get the best support to get back to doing the things you love and to enjoy your postnatal journey.

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Antenatal Reformer Pilates 

We provide  Reformer Pilates sessions for women during pregnancy.  These sessions are private 1-1 and in small groups of 5 max.  

Class time: Thursday 7.30pm Venue: All Active Reformer studio, Hillsborough


Reformer Pilates studio Dromore

Move better, feel better in pregnancy and beyond...

There is now substantial evidence to support the use of exercise in pregnancy especially muscle strengthening exercises...  The Reformer is a fantastic form of exercise for pregnancy and beyond as it provides a low impact exercise that uses springs to provide support and resistance through movement (see more info on reformer Pilates here)

Our Reformer Pilates for Pregnancy and Postnatal classes will help you move better and feel better with a focus on improving pelvic floor control, core strength, upper and lower body strength, posture, flexibility and overall wellbeing throughout your pregnancy and into motherhood...

Our instructors Andrea Lucas, Hollie Thompson and Anita McBriar are trained in antenatal and Postnatal Pilates and the Reformer.  They provide private 1-1 and small group sessions. 

To book a private session or group class book online,  contact us or call Andrea 07719176265


 Reformer Pilates for Pregnancy

Thursday 7.30pm All Active studio, Hillsborough


Postnatal Reformer Pilates

1-1 sessions in Hillsborough & Dromore

Mum and Baby Pilates

Help your body and mind recover from pregnancy and childbirth...focus is on restoring pelvic floor and core strength along with upper and lower body strength, flexibility, posture and overall wellbeing.

We aim to provide a safe, fun and challenging environment for new Mums with expert guidance and instruction ensuring you are in safe hands.  No need to worry about the stress of childcare as all babies are welcome at the class where we have excellent baby friendly facilities.

This class is suitable for Mums to attend from 4 weeks after a normal delivery and 6 weeks after a caesarean section following your postnatal check.  

We recommend you attend a postnatal check with one of our physios to help you in your recovery and to start a personalised program.

In our class we provide a personalised approach and exercises can be modified to suit each individual.

Class Time

Wednesday 10am Hillsborough Village Centre

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