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Unlike most studio classes, our Reformer sessions are one-to-one or in small groups (max 3).
Personalised programmes help you reach your goals faster, whether you’re a beginner or
​​Why choose Reformer Pilates?

Complements physio treatment.
Prepares you for a challenge.
Works on specific techniques or muscle groups.
Pre/post- surgery rehab.
Injury prevention.
Manage chronic injury.
Return to exercise after a long break.
Pre/post- natal exercise (good for complications like split tummy muscles).

Reformer Pilates at All Active

Chartered Physio Andrea Lucas is a certified Reformer Pilates instructor.  


To get the most from Reformer Pilates, we recommend regular sessions over 5-10 weeks (ideally longer-term for maximum benefit). 


Getting started

A great place to start is with our intro package of 3 X 1-1 sessions for £90 which you can book by getting in touch with us.  Alternatively you can join a group session by getting in touch or by booking a first steps call.  We would recommend at least one 1-1 session before you join a group.  This helps us shape your personalised programme and will help us enable you to get the best from your sessions and meet your goals.  .


We also accept referrals from your trainer/physio detailing your issue.

Reformer Pilates_Hillsborough_Lisburn_Dr
all active pilates and physio
all active pilates and physio
Reformer_Pilates Lisburn_Hillsborough_Dr

What’s a session like?

  • For a start, personalised for you.

  • More one-to-one attention in a small class (max 3 people).

  • Specific hands-on adjustment

How Reformers work

  • Reformer Pilates is a program of resistance exercise, working very precisely on good alignment, core stability, strength and flexibility. 

  • Reformers have a flat platform that rolls on wheels along a frame. Your shoulders rest on pads, then you use your legs or arms to pull on attached straps. Your body weight and spring tension changes how challenging the exercises are.

Studio Times

Other times available for private 1-1 and 2-1 sessions

I have recently started Reformer Pilates with Andrea and highly recommend her classes.


I cannot recommend Andrea's reformer pilates class highly enough.  We have been going once a week for almost a year and definitely feel the benefits

George and Lyn