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If you already know what studio class you’re looking for, book here.


Unlike most studio classes, our Reformer sessions are one-to-one or in small groups (max 5).
Personalised programmes help you reach your goals faster, whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

Reformer Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that improves strength, mobility, flexibility and core stability.
​​Why choose Reformer Pilates?

Pre/post- surgery rehab.
Injury prevention.
Manage chronic injury.
Return to exercise after a long break.
Pre/post- natal exercise (good for complications like split tummy muscles).

Compliments physio treatment.

Prepares you for a challenge.


Reformer Pilates at All Active

Our team of Reformer instructors Andrea, Libby, Anita, Catherine, Kerry, Sue & Hollie are all highly experienced Reformer instructors offering group and private sessions.  To get the most from Reformer Pilates, we recommend regular sessions over 5-10 weeks (ideally longer-term for maximum benefit). 

Getting started

A great place to start is with our intro package of 3 X private 1-1 Reformer sessions for £129 or single session for £45 which you can book here.  Alternatively if you have pilates experience you can join a group session by booking a reformer course here.  We would recommend at least one 1-1 session before you join a group or speak to us direct for guidance.  Private sessions help us shape your personalised programme and enable you to get the best from your sessions and meet your goals.  

We also accept referrals from your physio or trainer detailing your issue.

How our classes run

You must pre-book your place by booking online or contacting us.

Classes run in 7/8 week blocks. 

Each class lasts 50 minutes.

We recommend an initial one-to-one assessment if you have a current/recent injury.

When booking a class you will be required to create an account with a username and password and complete an online registration form.

Make up sessions - if you miss a class we can offer you another class time within the same course (subject to availability).  Read our make up policy here

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What’s a session like?

  • For a start, personalised for you.

  • More one-to-one attention in a small class.

  • Specific hands-on adjustment


How Reformers work

  • Reformer Pilates is a program of resistance exercise, working very precisely on good alignment, core stability, strength and flexibility. 

  • Reformers have a flat platform that rolls on wheels along a frame.  Your body weight and spring tension changes how challenging the exercises are.

Ready to get started?

Our signature classes

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Physio Flow Reformer

These small groups classes are perfect for those new to reformer. These classes also cater for those with pain, recovering from injury or pre/ post surgery. We recommend a 1-1 session before starting especially if any issues or no previous Pilates experience …


You will learn the basics of Pilates and the reformer, become familiar with the machine and how to move your body in a way that encourages better posture and control.


Focusing on core strength and spinal alignment movements on the reformer will actively strengthen and condition your body.

080923BT4-296 (2).jpg

Physio Active Reformer

Suitable for everyone from beginners to those with Pilates experience - these small group sessions are individually tailored to meet your needs and goals.


Focusing on core strength and spinal alignment movements on the reformer will actively strengthen and condition your body.


Benefits include, better posture and a healthy spine as well as overall general conditioning for a healthy and active lifestyle.


Led by an experienced Physio, exercises can be modified even if you have pain or injury... ensuring a safe and effective work out.


Physio Fit Reformer

A more energetic Physio led Reformer class for those with Pilates experience who love to be challenged.


Expect a mix of strong movements to build strength together with flowing moves that will improve flexibility, mobility and balance. Additional benefits include better posture, co-ordination and control which will help to prevent injury especially for those who play sport or work at a desk based job.


A range of Pilates props are used to ensure classes are varied, enjoyable and effective.


These classes are perfect to compliment a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Strengthen and Flow Reformer

Focusing on control and precision - the flowing movements on the reformer will strengthen your body whilst actively lengthening it, to create better balance and perfect posture. Additional benefits include better mobility, co-ordination and less risk of pain and injury from a desk bound job or playing sport.


Suitable for all ability levels these classes offer challenging moves that are both enjoyable and effective.


These classes are perfect to compliment a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Antenatal Reformer

Keep strong and healthy during pregnancy and in preparation for motherhood. These sessions use a combination of reformer and mat exercises that focus on building core strength, upper and lower body strength, flexibility, posture and overall wellbeing.


These Physio led classes are in small groups (max 5 people) to allow a personalised approach with exercises modified to suit each individual.

Studio Times

Pilates Timetables Mar Apr 24.png

Other times available for private 1-1 and 2-1 & 3-1 sessions

Our Summer 2024 course booking opens 24th June 2024.

I have recently started Reformer Pilates with Andrea and highly recommend her classes.


This class is amazing I am addicted!  Wish I could start every day on a reformer bed.  Andrea is wonderful.


I cannot recommend Andrea's reformer pilates class highly enough.  We have been going once a week for almost a year and definitely feel the benefits

George and Lyn

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