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Nordic Walking is different to hill walking, trekking and trail running. You learn a specific technique using two poles, training more muscles than the legs alone.


This full-body workout exercises the upper body more than ordinary walking. It’s all because of the precise pole placement.


Nordic Walking magic


Feel that magic combination of harder workouts that feel easier.


  • Poles propel you over the ground - that makes you work harder than usual BUT

  • The poles also support you, making your workout feel easier


Here’s what Nordic Walkers’ think

Nordic walking offers a new walking skill which develops physical core strength & balance whilst engaging mental concentration.  A great activity for beginner hikers or those keen to get outside and enjoy exercise.


"Nordic walking is an excellent way of exercising, encouraging co-ordination, good posture and walking speed.  Andrea was a great instructor correcting and perfecting everyones technique.  Very sociable & fun." 


I feel I have learnt something new, from an excellent teacher.  Loved every minute - even in the rain! - and plan to continue Nordic Walking  


Nordic walking classes provided an excellent opportunity to exericise outdoors, meeting new people and learn a new skill which can be implemented into daily life  


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