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Our January Client of the Month - Jill

This year we started our client of the month award, recognising those who have been working extra hard in classes, uplifting others or bringing a great community spirit into our studios.

In January our client of the month was Jill.

Jill has attended our Pilates Reformer classes for several years and her dedication and commitment has seen her make remarkable progress especially after recently recovering from a double hip replacement surgery.

She is an inspiration, and her story will inspire anyone recovering from surgery and highlight the benefits that rehabilitation and Reformer Pilates can have.

We took some time out last week to speak to Jill.

We hope you enjoy the interview!

How did you feel before starting your journey with us?

"Before starting Pilates I was sore! I was seeing a chiropractor as the 3rd vertebrae in my back had moved forward and my hips were in decline. 

Having always exercised I found I couldn’t do much at that time. Previously, I had done reformer Pilates for 10 years in London and knew how supportive it was as well as giving a full body workout in 50-60 minutes.

My chiropractor and surgeon advised me that this was the best exercise for me.

My only regret is that I didn’t go to Andrea as soon as the studio opened but it wasn’t long after that I joined.

How have the classes helped you?

Classes have helped me to maintain movement and recover from my double hip replacement. It’s helped my recovery no end, as I maintained classes up to a few weeks before surgery.

My friends who I go to Reformer classes with encouraged me and the teachers were so helpful, adjusting my springs and eventually putting my legs into the straps. It helped maintain my positivity and build my confidence again, as I was determined to get back to fitness, having always done lots of exercise and walking, which unfortunately had become too painful. 

Basically, they helped me as everyone is so supportive and keen to help.

What has been your favourite aspect of your experience at our studio?

There’s a really good atmosphere in the classes with only 5 people in each and it’s good to do it with other people.

Andrea, Anita and Hollie all have different teaching styles and each class is different so we never get bored. It’s fun but really professional and this helps healing and working on muscles that you might have missed in other exercise classes.

Andrea is a physio, so whether you are a sports person who needs to lengthen and stretch or waiting for surgery, whatever your age she can help. 

Reformer Pilates or a mat class is recommended. I’m lucky to do a class every Wednesday with “The Hardcore” my fitness besties, Mandy, Kirsten, and Sheelagh. Anita has ramped up the class for them and I’m compromising while I build up my strength again.

Would you recommend our studio to others?

I would definitely recommend All Active as it’s just that. In a safe, happy environment, it does what it says on the tin. There are no posers here. Just a good old full-body workout.

I think about nine of my friends now go along with many women in the village. I don’t think anybody loves Reformer Pilates more than me.

When I went for the first time in London, I dropped the gym weight training and aerobics. I found it balanced my body length better and gave me the best core workout. I loved it in my thirties and forties and now I’m in my later years, I find it the most beneficial exercise I could ever choose.

Thank you Andrea, Anita and Hollie! (BTW all the teachers are great!!) and thank you to “The Hardcore” as well for pushing me along.

Pilates has saved the day for me, I still have some way to go, but I know I’ll get there. I can’t wait to tell my surgeon, Mr O’Neill."

Well done Jill - an inspiring story for sure. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing.

Keep an eye out for our February winner. We hope this award gives you encouragement towards your goals too.


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