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June Client of the Month - Suzanne

Congratulations to our June client of the month Suzanne Bowman who has been attending All Actives Pilates classes with Andrea for well over 10 years!

Client of the month, Suzanne Bowman with Instructor Andrea Lucas.  Suzanne has attended All Actives Pilates with Andrea for over 10 years

Andrea caught up with Suzanne this week to find out why she started Pilates in the first place and how she has stayed motivated in her practice after all this time!!

Suzannes interview

1. What inspired you to start practicing Pilates, and how long have you been a part of our community?

I think I’ve been going to All Active Pilates since around 2011. I have always tried to stay fit cycling, walking and other activities but even with that, my work was pretty sedentary and I suffered with a sore back and neck. I figured Pilates would help.


2. Can you share a significant change or improvement you've noticed in your body or overall well-being since beginning Pilates?

Pilates has had numerous benefits for me. My core has strengthened and my posture improved and in turn this has alleviated my back pain. I have stronger muscles in general which helps with my other sports. Concentrating on breathing during exercises allows the mind to switch off from everyday worries and makes you concentrate on single slow movements. I find it very calming and therapeutic. I’ve also had to have a few operations over the past 10 years and Pilates has always helped in my recovery.

3. What is your favorite Pilates exercise or routine, and why do you enjoy it?

I do mat Pilates and Andrea puts us through numerous exercises. I love the floor exercises on your side , arm in the air with the double leg raises. It makes you tighten core, glutes and you can really feel it working. My favourite are the stretches at the end but I can’t really put that as number one ! 😂

4. How do you stay motivated and consistent with your Pilates practice, especially on challenging days?

Sometimes I don’t feel in the mood for going to Pilates class but when I do, I feel so much better afterwards. More relaxed and feeling like I have done something good for my body, ready for the day! When I haven’t done any for a few weeks, I definitely notice it. Muscles tighten again and those aches return.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is new to Pilates or considering starting their Pilates journey?

I definitely recommend Pilates to anyone considering it. There are different levels of classes and different levels of the same exercise, so you can do any of them. You will notice a difference in your body. Building up strength and flexibility and muscles you didn’t even know you had! It compliments and enhances other activities like cycling, running and tennis. It is also a great way of keeping muscles strong if you don’t do other exercises. Give it a go! I wouldn’t be without it!

Thanks All Active Pilates! 🤗 Suzie Bowman

Thank you for sharing Suzanne and congratulations again on being our client of the month! Keep up the great work! 

If you are looking to reduce neck and back pain and would value having some regular support and accountability why not give our Pilates classes a go too! We have a wide range of classes suitable for everyone in Royal Hillsborough, Dromore and Online

For more info on all our classes and other services check out our website here!

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