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Updated: May 25

During the current global crisis and due to restrictions in place we have been running all of our Physio Led Pilates classes online via a live stream on Zoom. We are running a timetable of 9 live online Pilates classes (timetable below). For our next course we want to provide the best online Pilates package by also giving our clients access to some rerecorded classes and short bonus classes. Not surprisingly online fitness is one of the fastest growing indusrties and we are delighted to be keeping our clients fit and active at home. Our clients can continue their classes from the comfort of their own home and can join classes more often due to the unlimited access to our full timetable and under the guidance of a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Our Live online Pilates classes can be viewed via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We have online Pilates for beginners, intermediate Pilates and Pilates online suitable for those less mobile. Pilates moves are modified for those with pain or injury.

Need help getting started...?

We have provided mentoring support to get all our clients set up on Zoom and ensure they are getting the best experience with their classes

Each classes is 1 hour long and consists of a warm up, main body and cool down consisting of mobility and stretches. We work through a varied series of exercises with modifications taught for those with pain or injury. We will also show various progressions so you can progress at your own level! We would recommend that if you are a complete beginner or less mobile that you start with a beginner pilates class before doing a mixed ability pilates class.

We are continuning to ensure classes are varied and fun using items such as the pilates ring/ pilates circle, pilates band, foam roller, pilates balls, weighted balls well as well as home made alternatives using toilet rolls, beans, tights and brush shafts!!

How do I set up for my online classes?

1.) Contact us to register your interest or for further info or click below to register using the online registration process.

2.) Download the zoom app onto your device

3.) A link to zoom will be sent. This may include a password so ensure you make a note of this for future classes

4.) When joining the class on Zoom ensure you join by connecting your audio and video - you can choose to switch your video off if you prefer during the class.

5.) Double click on the Pilates instructor or go the the Pin video by hovering over the 3 dots in the corner of the instructors video.

6.) Don't forget you have unlimited access to our classes meaning you can do as many classes in the week as you would like- we have many clients joining at least 2-3 times a week and some everyday!!

If you would be interested in trying out the Online classes you can access a FREE TASTER ONLINE PILATES class here.

Here are some of the lovely reviews we have received from our clients doing Pilates at home!!.

"Many thank for the livestreamed classes - they are a Godsend!"

"Keep up the good work Andrea. We all need to feel connected at this time. Your classes give a structure to our day as well as the keep fit aspect"

"Thanks for all the classes - it is great for me on my own in solitary confinement"

"Great to have these classes. Thanks for all your work in keeping us together and fit"

During these challenging times we are enjoying keeping our community fit and active at home.

If you are interested in finding out more about our online Pilates or booking in please get in touch by emailing us at or call Andrea on 07719 176265!


Contact us : Andrea 07719176265

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