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Our May Client of the Month - Stan

Congratulations to our May client of the month Stan Scott who completed the Boston Marathon on the hottest day of the year in April!

Stan Scott who is also run director of Hillsborough Forest parkrun explains how his running technique has never been better thanks to his regular Pilates practice!

Client of the month, Stan a Marathon runner posing with Catherine an All Active Pilates & Physio teacher

Stan's story

When I qualified for the 128th Boston Marathon I decided to incorporate Pilates into my 20-week training regime to ensure that I was well prepared for its notoriously tough course.

The aim was to use Pilates to improve my core strength, stability and address imbalances that might otherwise result in injury.

As Pilates is non-impact, I could easily incorporate it into my rest and recovery days. After a one-to-one session with Andrea Lucas, I signed up for Physio Active Pilates with Catherine Moore.

Catherine’s sessions were very different to my regular circuits class.

I was not gasping for breath throughout, rather they were relaxing yet demanding with a focus on technique with slow and steady execution.

Catherine carefully explained each exercise and presented different options so that I could make them easier or harder. Variety was added each week by using a different accessory e.g. spikey ball, resistance band, semi-cylinder, resistance circle. I found the latter particularly useful in strengthening my adductors and abductors.

Catherine was always supportive, helpful, and attentive in correcting poor technique. She made the sessions a pleasure to attend.

Marathan runner quote talking about pilates sessions. “Catherine was always supportive, helpful, and attentive in correcting poor technique. She made the sessions a pleasure to attend.”

And I have no doubt that they contributed positively to me being able to maintain good running technique throughout the 4hours 10 mins and 35 seconds that it took me to complete the race on Monday 15th April 2024, during Boston’s hottest day of the year. Thank you, Catherine.

Congratulations Stan on an epic marathon achievement and on being our Client of the month!

Keep up the great work! 

If you are looking to improve your core strength for running or sport why not give our Pilates classes a go too!

For more info on all our services check out our website here!

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